Schmidt & Bender Cup 2018

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Schmidt und Bender Cup 2018 August 25th-26th, 2018 In co-operation with AstroSweden at Røyseland Ranch.

This will be a two day PRS Style match, with up to 72 shooters, and will consist of 3 shooting areas with ranges from 300-1150 meters, with a total of 24 stages, and a roundcount of 200-250 rounds.

We welcome shooters from all EU countries , USA, Canada and Australia

Røyseland is situated in the municipality of Kvinesdal in Southern Norway. There is a train station and a small grocery store at Storekvina, 6 km away. The town of Kvinesdal is 15 km south of the shooting range.  Here they have all the amenities; hotels, liquer store, several grocery stores and a gas station.

The closest international airport is Kristiandsand, 2 hour drive away, and Stavanger, 2.5 hour drive away.

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The competitions is sponsored by Schmidt und Bender, and co-sponsors for the match are SPUHR and LRD Sweden. There will be PM II scopes, Spuhr Mounts and LRD JET-01 Chassi and much much more on the price table to a total value of approximately 20.000$.

MD for this match is Johan Røyseland and Co-MD is Janne Nissinen

Match is arranged by Astrosweden at  Røyseland Ranch For Schmidt und Bender