Schmidt & Bender Cup 2018


We are very sad to announce that the severe drought in Norway and Sweden forces us to cancel the planned Schmidt und Bender Cup competition that would have been arranged 25-26 of august.

The fire hazard is so severe that there is a total ban for all kind of activity that creates sparks out in the open.

There is more than 70 forest fires and more than 50.000 acres total on fire in Sweden and Norway at the moment, Firefighters from all over Europe are working to fight these fires, and we certainly do not want to be the cause of even more fires.

The plan is to arrange the Schmidt und Bender Cup during next year under what we hope will be better circumstances.

We will send email to all registered shooters with more information.

// Team Schmidt und Bender Cup


Schmidt und Bender Cup 2018 August 25th-26th, 2018 In co-operation with AstroSweden at Røyseland Ranch.

This will be a two day PRS Style match, with up to 72 shooters, and will consist of 3 shooting areas with ranges from 300-1150 meters, with a total of 24 stages, and a roundcount of 200-250 rounds.

We welcome shooters from all EU countries , USA, Canada and Australia

Røyseland is situated in the municipality of Kvinesdal in Southern Norway. There is a train station and a small grocery store at Storekvina, 6 km away. The town of Kvinesdal is 15 km south of the shooting range.  Here they have all the amenities; hotels, liquer store, several grocery stores and a gas station.

The closest international airport is Kristiandsand, 2 hour drive away, and Stavanger, 2.5 hour drive away.

Røyseland Ranch on Google maps


The competitions is sponsored by Schmidt und Bender, and co-sponsors for the match are SPUHR and LRD Sweden. There will be PM II scopes, Spuhr Mounts and LRD JET-01 Chassi and much much more on the price table to a total value of approximately 20.000$.

MD for this match is Johan Røyseland and Co-MD is Janne Nissinen

Match is arranged by Astrosweden at  Røyseland Ranch For Schmidt und Bender