Schmidt & Bender Cup 2018


We will follow the Viking Rifle Series PRS rules

All shooters and personnel on site will be insured thru Astrosweden. The insurance will not cover shooters personal equipment as for example the rifle and scope.

The match will be run as a cold range, meaning that no guns will be loaded unless the shooter is supervised by a Range Officer!

We will have two military trained medics on site throughout the competition. They will have a defibrillator, stretcher, and an extensive medical kit and real life experience.


Registering on Friday night. All shooters must register at the main range and get their  S&B Cup Matchbook, Chamber flag and something extra.

There will also be a possibility to zero the scope or just check the zero at the range (100-300m).


Match brief at 20.00 Friday night, and again at 0700 Saturday Morning.

Shooting starts at 0800 on Saturday and Sunday.


On Sunday after match is shot and ready there will be an Buffet dinner and price ceremony for all shooters and Officials at The Bølgen & Moi Hotel Utsikten, the buffet is included in the match price.